A Brief History


In 2014, I began writing letters to my brother, Jesse. I wanted to help process his suicide and the enormous loss my family, friends and I were left with. As I began writing, I made a choice to be transparent and allow others to witness my journey. This journey detailed a part of life I was unexpectedly thrust into and navigating for the first time. My whole belief system about life and death had been challenged to the very core. 

As more and more people came forward and made their support known, I decided that Jesse’s story and my journey needed to be told. In the fall of 2015, I traveled back to my hometown to start to gather what would be the first round of interviews from people who knew Jesse during different walks of his life. This collection of interviews and anecdotes shaped the Dear Jesse My Brother documentary. Shortly after, I decided to take a break to let the emotional dust settle as I started to walk a completely different path in my personal life. After taking a yearlong break, I've now returned to DJMB. I have finally arrived at a place where I am now ready to start sharing even more of his story, my story-our story.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support Dear Jesse My Brother.

-Jen (Brittell) Roberts